Driver swears at pedestrian after failing to stop for her, says 'Ya, so?' to demerit point

Submitted by Stomper Kim

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A driver and a pedestrian got into a heated argument in Geylang on Sunday afternoon (Mar 19).

Stomper Kim said she was at a pedestrian crossing along Geylang Lorong 27A with her young son at around 4.30pm when they encountered the driver.

She told Stomp: "We were crossing the pedestrian crossing when a car abruptly and dangerously drove into our path. We expressed our horror and the driver then stopped to hurl abuse at us.

"I filmed him and his admission to not stopping at the pedestrian crossing and endangering our safety."

Kim shared a video that shows her arguing with the driver:

Kim: Pedestrian crossing?

Man: Ya, I said sorry.

Kim: Demerit point?

Man: Ya, so?

Kim: And you're shouting at me now?

Man: You're the one who show me the finger. *flashing his middle finger*

Kim: Ya, because you are supposed to stop there. There's a child. Hello?

Man: Hello what?

Kim: You're supposed to apologise?

Man: Why should I apologise?

The man can also be heard dropping the F-word before turning around and walking back to his car.