E-biker shouts at pedestrian, kicks his slipper at bus after near-collision in Geylang

Submitted by Stomper Bodak

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An e-biker and a pedestrian were involved in a dispute after the rider allegedly almost hit the other man at a bus stop along Sims Drive in Geylang on Oct 28.

Stomper Bodak witnessed the incident and shared a video he took at the scene at about 7.39pm.

In the video, the e-biker is heard shouting at the pedestrian to go ahead and call the police.

While walking away he kicks the pedestrian's right slipper at a bus, causing it to bounce off the vehicle.

The pedestrian walks after him and the rider turns and shouts: "You call, I wait."

"People working what.

"Don't change story la eh (sic).

"Call, call, call, I won't run."

He is also heard calling the pedestrian a gangster and asking him why he's shouting.

He then says :"Get lost! Don't be coward use technology (sic).

"One day it will be destroyed.

"Your face will also be destroyed."

In the last clip, he is heard saying he doesn't want to listen and talks about having to do repairs.

He then tells the pedestrian to shut up and rides away as the pedestrian chases after him.

"I want to remind the public that e-bikers should not use walking paths," said the Stomper.

"What should be done when a pedestrian is nearly knocked over by an e-bike?

"The e-biker was speeding past the crowded bus stop and almost knocked into a pedestrian.

"I wanted to post this because I need to see what is the public's opinion.

"If an e-biker acts like a gangster towards you, what would you do as the victim?"