Passenger charged $6 after waiting 15 minutes for Uber driver who 'drove in circles' and cancelled trip

Submitted by Stomper Jai

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Stomper Jai was frustrated when an Uber driver made him wait for 15 minutes before cancelling on him and incurring him a cancellation fee of $6 on Jun 17.

Jai said that he was waiting at Tan Tock Hospital when the driver accepted his ride request.

He was dropping off another passenger nearby when he accepted Jai's ride so the Stomper was fine with waiting a while for the first five minutes.

"He was finally en route to my location after five minutes of waiting but instead of driving into Tan Tock Seng Hospital, he drove around in circles before driving straight into Moulmein Road twice and not following the GPS direction to my location as indicated on my phone screen," said Jai.

"After another 10 minutes of watching him drive in circles, he cancelled my ride and charged me $6.

"The driver didn't even bother to call me during the whole waiting time.

"I was at the pickup point of the hospital and it was not somewhere hard to find.

"I only knew I was charged $6 after I took my next ride a few days later and a notification popped up saying I am supposed to pay my Uber driver an additional $6 on top of my current fare after I had entered my Uber car.

"What if I only had enough money for my fare and not the additional $6?"