Grab driver cancels not once but twice on same couple trying to get home from Sands Expo and Convention Centre

Submitted by Stomper Jon

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Stomper Jon was annoyed when a Grab driver cancelled his and his girlfriend's ride not once but twice last night (Jun 2).

His girlfriend had initially booked a ride from Sands Expo and Convention Centre to her home at Segar Road and a driver had accepted her ride.

However, after five minutes of waiting, the driver unexplainably cancelled.

"No calls, no text, nothing," said Jon. "He just cancelled the ride without any reason."

Jon then tried to book a ride for her to go home and received a notification telling him that a driver had accepted his ride.

"What I didn't expect is that it is the same driver! And, the same thing happened, he cancelled the ride too."

Understandably, the couple were frustrated and disappointed at what had happened.

"Why the f**k would they want to accept a ride if they are going to cancel it anyway?" asked Jon.

"Do they think it is a joke? I don't think it is.

"People are tired, just want to take a cab back home and instead of providing good customer service, they just ruined it.

"This kind of driver must be heavily punished and they shouldn't be any sort of driver at all."