Guy to get free GrabShare ride after using $4 promo code -- but has to pay $3 'waiting charge'

Submitted by Stomper Anees

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Stomper Anees was supposed to get a free GrabShare ride after using a promotional code, but does not understand why he was charged $3 which he had to pay.

He booked the ride this morning (May 22) at round 9.30am, to go from Block 461 Crawford Lane to 2C Upper Boon Keng Road.

The fare for the trip was $4, but he used a 'SHARE4' promotional code during his booking that entitled him to a $4 discount. This meant that his entire trip would cost nothing.

However, at the end of his trip, Anees found that he was charged an extra $3.

He asked his GrabShare driver about the additional fee and was told that it was for ERP charges.

However, he checked the route that they had travelled and found that they did not pass through any ERP gantries.

The driver later told Anees that the $3 was for a 'waiting charge', which the Stomper does not understand.

Stomp has reached out to Grab for comment.