Passenger charged $6 after Uber driver speeds past her and cancels trip -- an hour later

Submitted by Stomper Clara

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Stomper Clara was infuriated when her Uber driver cancelled on her an hour after she booked the trip, despite her having called him to confirm her pickup location. 

The incident happened yesterday (May 20) at around 11.37pm.

 Clara and her boyfriend had been heading to Chu Chu Kang Loop from Hougang Avenue 1. 

Clara said that she had called the driver and told him that she was waiting outside the gantry near the carpark, to which the driver had acknowledged. 

However. when the driver arrived, he merely drove past the two of them despite the two waving at him.

Clara told Stomp, "The driver sped up and accelerated upon seeing me, and his engines rumbled on as he slowly faded from my line of sight."

She also sent a message to the driver to ask if he was coming, as they were waiting for him. However, she did not receive any response. Calls to him went unanswered too.

Only an hour later at 12.43am, was Clara informed that the driver had cancelled the trip and that she would be charged S$6 for the cancellation.

She immediately left a feedback with Uber about the incident and the fee was waived.

Said Clara: "I still don’t know what happened exactly."

Stomp has reached out to Uber for an official statement on the incident.