Oops! Man shares what happens when you have kids and an Audi

A man's sparkling white Audi turned into a whiteboard at the hands of his children.

In a video captioned 'What happens when you have kids', TikTok user silenthustle68 shared the colourful scribbles that he found on his luxury car.

The drawings consisted of little figures, a pony, wavy lines, clouds, cars and more. There were also messages of love on the vehicle such as a string of xoxos and 'I heart Papa'.

Uploaded on Sunday (Nov 14), the 30-second clip has garnered over 710,000 views to date, with many netizens expressing amusement.

Several found the 'I love Papa' message endearing, with one user commenting: "Wah how to scold them sia HAHAHAHA."


What happens when you have kids

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