Would you try this? TikTok trend has Indonesians smashing their McDonald's ice cream cones

From dalgona coffee to baked feta pasta, netizens are always eager to try new fads and give their own reviews on them.

Indonesians TikTok users have started sharing their own versions of "eskrim geprek" or smashed ice cream.

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All you need is a vanilla soft-serve ice cream cone (McDonald's cones are most popular), a container and a spoon.

After smashing the ice cream and cone in the container you may enjoy it as is or sprinkle biscuits, M&M's or whatever your heart desires on top.

@hungryfever Literally kena racyun TikTok #menuviral #eskrimgeprek #mcd  Butter (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) - BTS

Although sweets are recommended, some TikTok users have added ayam geprek (smashed chicken) and sambal to their smashed cones which is probably not for everyone.

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Would you try this?