'Online beggar' seen having luxurious hotpot meal in Thailand after allegedly getting over $1k

A man who begged for money online was allegedly found having a feast at a luxury hotpot restaurant less than three weeks later.

According to a report on The Nation, the man had posted on several Facebook groups about being unemployed for a week and having only 60 baht (S$2.50) left in his bank account.

He reportedly said he needed someone to transfer 40 baht (S$1.67) into his account, so that he would have 100 baht (S$4.16) and be able to buy a meal.

A Facebook page, Khao Hao V4, later issued a warning about the man and asked netizens to think twice before making donations.

The page said it had investigated and discovered that about 27,000 baht (S$1,124) was credited to the man’s account 18 days after his post.

It also posted a photo of what was supposedly the man in a shabu-shabu restaurant.

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