Enforcers shocked to find that Penang beggar has stacks of cash, bank account and a house

This beggar in Penang, Malaysia, is probably wealthier than most of us.

Enforcers from the Penang State Welfare Department were shocked to find the female beggar carrying RM8,000 (SGD$2,591) cash with her.

According to a report on China Press, enforcers also discovered that she had another RM40,000 (SGD$13,000) in a fixed deposit bank account.

World Of Buzz reports that the beggar also revealed that she owned a house in Georgetown, Penang.

Malaysian authorities are warning the public to be more wary of who they donate to, and advised them to avoid being cheated.

The authorities revealed that some beggars can have all three meals, sometimes four including supper, delivered to them by kind-hearted Malaysians.

They can also earn RM300 to RM400 (SGD$130 to $160) a day, and the number of beggars is on the rise.

The welfare department also has to face the issue of many beggars returning to begging despite being rescued.

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