Oh my! That's an unbeelievably big hive at Punggol Place block

Submitted by Stomper Diddy

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Stomper Diddy found a large beehive on a pipe at the staircase of the multi-storey carpark at Block 207A Punggol Place.

He was visiting his friend, who stays at the block, on Jan 10 and took pictures of the hive at 9.23pm.

He told Stomp: "My friend and I were passing by the staircase when we saw the hive.

"My friend had never seen before, so we guessed that it was just formed despite it being quite large.

"When we chitchatting when we first saw it and we were quite stunned."

The Stomper said that his friend lives on the same floor where they spotted the beehive.

"My friend has kids and was concerned for safety. After he returned home on that day, he made sure to close all the windows just in case the bees were to enter his home."