Swarm of bees alarm resident of Punggol Central block

Submitted by Stomper Crys

Stomper Crys was alarmed when she saw a swarm of bees buzzing around outside her HDB unit's windows at Block 622B Punggol Central on Friday morning (Sep 7).

Crys told Stomp in a phone interview that she noticed the bees at about 8.30am before she left home for work.

"I closed all the windows because I was worried for my 8-year-old daughter who was at home," she said.

"She screamed every time the bees flew near."

"I took some insect spray and sprayed it at the ones that were closer to my unit but I'm not sure if it will stop them from coming around again."

Crys said that she has only seen a swarm of bees near her unit once before, a few years ago.

She is puzzled at why they are flying so high and hopes that the bees' nest can be found so that the insects can be removed from the area.

"We stay on the 18th floor," she said.

"I just don't want them to come around and sting any one of us."

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