Not again: McDonald's customer finds undercooked fried chicken from Bukit Batok outlet

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Update on June 28:

'Uncooked' McCrispy? McDonald's says it's cooked: 'Redness in darker parts of chicken meat is common'

Original article:

Last week, it was a hamburger. Now it is the chicken.

A McDonald's customer had a nasty surprise when it was discovered that the fried chicken bought from the Bukit Batok outlet was undercooked.

The Stomper shared photos of the half-eaten food on June 13.

The photos show two pieces of fried chicken with uncooked pinkish meat under the deep-fried skin.

The Stomper said: "I want to share my unpleasant experience at McDonald's in Bukit Batok. Not only was the manager rude, but the food was also uncooked."

Stomp has contacted McDonald's for more info.

Last week, Stomp reported a similar incident where a customer in Yishun found the beef patty in his Quarter Pounder burger to be undercooked.

In response to a Stomp query regarding the burger, a McDonald's spokesman said: "We’re sorry to hear about our customer’s experience and have reached out directly to make good on the matter.

"Food safety is a top priority for us and we’re investigating the incident to ensure that all high food safety standards continue to be upheld."

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