Man eating grilled chicken salad from McDonald's Jurong Bowl drive-thru comes across this 'thing'

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What if he had eaten it?

A McDonald's customer said it was unacceptable that he found a dead insect in his grilled chicken salad.

The Stomper had bought the food from McDonald's Jurong Bowl drive-thru on June 1 at around 11pm.

"I was at home eating halfway when I came across this 'thing'. It’s unacceptable," said the Stomper, who shared the receipt and a photo of the "stupid insect" in his meal.

"I was eating the chicken together with the lettuce and once I swallowed, I came across this. I threw out everything."

In response to a Stomp query, McDonald's said: "We’re sorry to hear about our customer’s experience and have reached out directly to make good on the matter. Food safety is a top priority for us and we’re investigating the incident to ensure that all high food safety standards continue to be upheld."

After his experience, the Stomper has this word of advice: "Please check first your meal before you consume it."

In 2019, another Stomper found a piece of plastic in a beef burger bought from the same Jurong Bowl outlet.