Man says he had diarrhoea 3 times because of 'raw pink' beef in McDonald's Quarter Pounder

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McDonald's Singapore is investigating an incident in which a customer found the beef patty in his Quarter Pounder burger to be undercooked.

Stomper Bryan, a Yishun resident, said he ordered his meal via McDelivery on Tuesday (June 20), at around 8pm.

He recounted: "The order came 90 minutes later. Maybe it was late due to traffic, but never mind.

"McDonald's food preparation system is supposed to be renowned, hence I took no chance to check its food before consuming. (I mean, who does that... right?)

"I took a bite, two bites, and found the burger's texture awkwardly weird. Just for context, I have the Quarter Pounder burger for dinner every other week.

"I then dug deep (no pun intended), proceeded to peel open the burger and compared the difference with every other Quarter Pounder burger I've eaten.


Photos that Bryan shared with Stomp show how his beef patty appeared to be pinkish and undercooked.

The Stomper added: "I called the McDonald's hotline and their customer representative, Lynn, apologised quickly and said the store manager would call to apologise. Nope, the store manager did not call back.

"Lynn also also mentioned a replacement burger would be delivered quickly. Nope. the replacement Quarter Pounder came at 11.30pm."

Bryan pointed out that this means the replacement burger took two hours after his initial order to arrive and by then, his appetite was "all gone".

He told Stomp: "Bonus: I had three mild instances of diarrhoea the next morning, true story. Burger patties from McDonald's cannot be served and eaten medium rare or rare.

"It is a RARE disappointment that McDonald's serves bad food, but when they do, they really do not keep up with their customer relations service. That's all I am saying."

In response to a Stomp query, a McDonald's spokesman said: "We’re sorry to hear about our customer’s experience and have reached out directly to make good on the matter.

"Food safety is a top priority for us and we’re investigating the incident to ensure that all high food safety standards continue to be upheld."

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