McDonald's customer: 'Look at the size of the Filet-O-Fish'

Submitted by Stomper Waheena

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Size matters.

A McDonald's customer ordered a Filet-O-Fish from an outlet in Sengkang and was expecting something a little bigger.

Stomper Waheena shared a photo of the fish burger bought on April 27 at 8.30pm.

"Look at the size of Filet-O-Fish," said the Stomper.

The photo shows the burger on the palm of someone's hand.

"McDonald's is getting more expensive when the burgers are getting smaller," lamented the Stomper.

Another case of "shrinkflation"?

Stomp has contacted McDonald's for more info.

In January, another Stomper compared the price of the Filet-O-Fish to that of last year's and said that the price increase was "excessive".

In response to a Stomp query, McDonald’s Restaurants Communications Director Linda Ming said: "McDonald’s shares the public’s concerns about rising food prices. Like all retailers, McDonald’s faces rising business costs due to increasing operating costs and inflation.

"While price adjustments may be necessary, our pricing remains competitive and we balance that by offering value on our customers’ favourite menu items, for instance, through value specials on McDonald’ app.

"We will continue to put our customers first in all that we do, with the promise of good value, food quality and service."