NYP student who helped injured elderly man shows that nursing isn't just for women

Think of nurses and your thoughts will probably conjure up images of demure-looking women in their iconic uniforms (a disrespectful and ignorant assumption, by the way).

Although Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) student Horioka Yujin is far from that stereotype, he is, however, just as compassionate, noble and efficient at his job as his female counterparts.

The 20-year-old, who is in his second year at NYP's School of Health Sciences and pursuing a Diploma in Nursing, acted on pure instinct when he helped an injured elderly man without a moment's hesitation.

On July 3 at around 9pm, the senior citizen had tripped on uneven ground, fallen and hurt himself.

Yujin, who was passing by the area, immediately offered aid by assessing the man's condition and then carrying him to a nearby clinic for treatment.

Medically trained and skilled in first-aid, lending a helping hand came as second nature to Yujin, who has had a keen interest in nursing since a tender age.

However, what he did not expect was not only had a witness, Stomper Mei Hua, observed the events of that night, she also shared the heartwarming story with Stomp.

Commending Yujin for his professionalism and compassion in a report on July 6, she added, "Kudos to Nanyang Polytechnic for having such a great student."

Yesterday (July 11), Stomp visited Yujin on campus to find out more about this talented and selfless young man.

During our interview, Yujin provided valuable insight into the noble -- and often challenging -- profession of nursing.

"Nurses treat the patient as a whole, [we] not only treat clinical illnesses or diseases, but also physically, mentally and emotionally," he pointed out.

On the misconception that many people have about nursing being a female-only profession, Yujin added, "I don't think it's tied to gender and men can perform this role as equally as women can."

The big-hearted youth also shared how NYP helps him develop the skills and experience needed for the job, such as through industrial attachments and a well-rounded curriculum.

While it is not always an smooth journey, the aspiring nurse welcomes challenges and acknowledges that they have shaped him into a better, more empathetic person.

Asked what is most rewarding about nursing, Yujin said, "I'm happy to see patients get better, because the hospital is not exactly the most enjoyable place to be in.

"Watching patients get well and get discharged, trying my best to make them feel comfortable and to see patients happy... that's the most rewarding part."

Find out what being a nursing student entails and more about Yujin in the video below.

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