Stomp to present everyday heroes with 'Goody Bags'

As part of our efforts to recognise Good Samaritans and highlight acts of positivity, Stomp will be presenting selected individuals with exclusive 'Goody Bags'.

The first recipient of a Stomp Goody Bag is Mr Max Faz, a 37-year-old club singer who had been caught on camera rendering his assistance to an apparently drunk guy.

In an exclusive interview on May 25, Max shared the rationale behind his actions and how this was not the first time he helped someone in public.

His advice to anyone who might find themselves in a similar predicament?

"Don't judge people. Just help. Whatever you can do, just help."

We have also presented employees at SMRT and Farrer Park Hospital with Goody Bags for going beyond the call of duty to make a difference.

The SMRT team at Commonwealth MRT station were on May 26 lauded for helping a blind woman with her daily commute and ensuring her safety.

Through their commendable efforts, they have certainly lived up to their company's motto of "Moving people, enhancing lives".

On May 31, Stomp visited the emergency team at Farrer Park Hospital and presented them with Goody Bags for rushing to the aid of a driver who had suffered a stroke.

Despite their sudden fame, they remain humble.

Dr Wong Ju Ming told Stomp, "I just feels like any other day at work. I don't feel special. We are just doing what we do every day."

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Know someone who deserves a 'Goody Bag' or had a heartwarming encounter? Share your story with us at or WhatsApp (+65) 9384 3761.