Are you NYP nursing student Yujin? Stomp wants to give you Goody Bag for helping injured elderly man

Submitted by Stomper Mei Hua

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Update on July 11:

Stomp got in touch with Nanyang Polytechnic and visited Yujin on campus.

We interviewed him and presented him with a Goody Bag.

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Original article:

An elderly man injured himself after tripping on uneven ground at Marine Parade, but a nursing student from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) rushed to his aid and offered assistance.

Stomper Mei Hua witnessed the incident that occurred on Monday evening (July 3) and said the student introduced himself as Yujin.

Lauding the student's actions, she shared with Stomp what happened:

"An elderly man tripped over uneven ground and fell. Not long after, a nursing student passed by and came forward to give aid.

"He asked the elderly man how he was feeling and if he had hit his head on the ground.

"Upon thorough assessment of the elderly man, he suggested taking the elderly man to the nearby clinic.

"While assisting the elderly man up and walking a few steps, the elderly man moaned and pointed to his hip area.

"Suspecting that it could be a fracture, the nursing student acted quickly and asked for assistance to carry the elderly man to the clinic.

"Yujin, if you're seeing this, I would like to compliment you for being so caring and professional.

"Kudos to Nanyang Polytechnic for having such a great student."

Stomp is contacting NYP for comment.