Youths hang out at Boon Lay carpark and take turns to ride noisy motorcycle at 3am

Submitted by Stomper Alvin

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A Boon Lay resident's hopes of getting a good night's sleep were rudely interrupted by a group of youths hanging out at a nearby multi-storey carpark.

Stomper Alvin shared with Stomp a video he took of a group of six young men on the rooftop of a carpark opposite Block 262 Boon Lay Drive on Apr 21 at about 3am.

"They were smoking and riding a motorcycle that was emitting a loud engine noise amidst sleeping citizens," he said.

"It seemed like they were practising circuit at this hour.

"It could be some of them are not of legal age or don't have riding licences.

"It only ended at 3.40am."

In an effort to lower vehicle noise levels, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said that motor vehicle noises have to fall within a band of between 68 decibels (for cars) and 77 decibels (for motorbikes), equivalent to the noise level of a normal conversation.