Wedding convoy blares horns on Sunday morning, causing Yishun resident to shout vulgarity

Submitted by Stomper H

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Sundays are great for sleeping in.

Until you are roused from your slumber by a car convoy that won't stop blaring their horns, that is.

Stomper H said she was awakened at around 8.15am on Sunday (Mar 12) by a wedding convoy at the foot of her block in Yishun.

A video that she sent shows at least five cars, including one in the front with bridal decorations, parked downstairs and beeping their horns.

Residents from the surrounding blocks can be heard yelling in response with shouts of "Oi!"

A male voice can also be heard, "Eh, f*** you!"

H told Stomp: "I woke up from the honking. It lasted for at least five minutes before I started filming the video. According to my mother, they first started honking at around 7am.

"As you all can hear in the video, neighbours were all quite pissed off about it.

"It’s okay to honk for special occasions but not this loud and long on a Sunday morning. They are being very inconsiderate. I hope sharing this will help prevent people from doing it ever again."