National Day T-shirts with missing star withdrawn: 'This oversight does not reflect our standards'

Submitted by Stomper Joseph

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The National Day T-shirts with four stars instead of five have been withdrawn from sale, said the designer from Surfers Paradise, the brand which produced the tees.

In response to a Stomp query, the designer replied on Monday (July 31): "I am writing to address an error that occurred in our recent NDP23 collection. It has come to our attention that there was a discrepancy in the design, which was unintentional.

"Initially, the design featured five stars, and unfortunately, this error went unnoticed until the launch. We immediately withdrew the collection a week ago when our staff told us about it. We deeply value the accuracy and detail of our design, and this oversight does not reflect our standards.

"I suspect that the vendor was rushing to meet the deadline hence the missing one star and also our oversight during QC (quality control)."

The designer shared the intended artwork for the shirts.

When contacted by Stomp, a spokesman for FairPrice Group said: "We are aware of the feedback regarding the misprinted National Day T-shirts. We have since removed the product from the outlets and would like to apologise for this error.

"We acknowledge that we can do better in preventing such errors.

"Customers who have purchased the T-shirt can return them at the same store of purchase with the receipt."

Stomper Joseph had shared photos of T-shirts with the missing star on display in the FairPrice Xtra outlet at Jem on July 22.

When Stomp visited the outlet on Monday afternoon, the four-star tees were no longer on display.