Shopper spots something missing from design of National Day T-shirts sold at FairPrice, can you?

Submitted by Stomper Joseph

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Update on July 31:

National Day T-shirts with missing star withdrawn: 'This oversight does not reflect our standards'

Original article:

With National Day coming, Singapore is turning red and white with all the merchandising.

But a shopper believes he has spotted a mistake in one design of the National Day T-shirts being sold at a major retailer now.

Stomper Joseph shared photos of the Surfers Paradise brand apparel on display at the FairPrice Xtra outlet in Jem on July 22.

"I was shopping with a friend and happened to come across the National Day 2023 merchandise items in one section," recounted the Stomper.

"While browsing through, we found one star missing from the print on the T-shirts while the print on the white shorts was correct."

The print of the shirt said "1965 Together as one" with the crescent moon and the stars from the Singapore flag superimposed on the "19".

Unfortunately, the shirt had only four stars instead of five. As pointed out by the Stomper, it appeared to be an error and not a design choice as the same "1965 Together as one" print was on the short with five stars.

The $12.90 shirt with the missing star is available in both red with white print and white with red print.

Stomp has contacted FairPrice and Surfers Paradise for more info.