Typo spotted on Sundown Marathon signage, 'marathon' misspelled as 'marahthon'

Submitted by Stomper Martin

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Since the race was at night, most runners might not have noticed the error as it would be dark.

A typo was spotted on the signs for the Osim Sundown Marathon, which took place on Saturday night (May 20).

Sharing photos of the signs with the mistake, Stomper Martin said they were taken at the Marina Barrage.

In a photo taken a night before the race, one sign said: "You are on the 42km full marahthon path."

Two other signs said: "You are on the 21km half marahthon path."

'Marathon' was misspelled as 'marahthon' on the three signs.

"What a boo-boo," said the Stomper.

In a TikTok video posted by Raymondlee1 on Saturday morning, the same typo can be seen on another 42km sign.

@raymond_lee1 #anyhowwalk #turtlewalk ♬ La La La (feat. OMMIEH) - M.Hustler

In response to a Stomp query, a Sundown Marathon spokesman said: "Thank you for reporting this. Rest assured that the organiser will do action about this."

The race has four different routes. The 5km runners were scheduled to flag off at 8pm, the 10km at 10pm, and the 21.1km and 42km at 11.30pm.

The starting line was in front of the F1 Pit Building and the finish line was near the Singapore Flyer.

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