Must you use a GrabFood voucher before the expiry date or can you use it on the expiry date?

Submitted by Stomper Shirley

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When a voucher says it expires on Nov 5, does it mean you must use it before that date?

Or should you be able to use the voucher on the date itself?

For Stomper Shirley, that was the crux of the matter.

She recounted: "My daughter received two GrabFood vouchers from Grab with an expiry date on Nov 5, 2022.

"We placed a self-pickup dinner order on the evening of Nov 5.

"To our surprise, the vouchers were shown as expired on the app. We were told that the vouchers expired at 8am on Nov 5 through Grab chat.

"We checked the Grab app again, but there was no indication of expiry time on the vouchers. We even FB chat with Grab and the person confirmed that currently, expiry timing is not indicated on their vouchers.

"We raised the question of how customers would know about the expiry timing if it is not indicated on the vouchers, but the Grab person went silent and did not reply."

The Stomper's daughter then sent an e-mail to for further clarification.

Grab replied in its e-mail: "The voucher was expired on the stated date Nov 5, 2022.

'"Regardless of the time, the voucher was meant to use before the expiry date since it was awarded three months ago.

"And we don't usually provide refunds for this type of concern."

Shirley said: "We are dismayed by their reply.

"Generally and logically, we expect all discounts, promos, vouchers to expire at 11.59pm on the expiry date unless otherwise stated.

"We replied to the e-mail and questioned the rationale to use the vouchers BEFORE the expiry date. No reply from Grab thereafter."

What do you think?

What does the expiry date mean to you?