Man waits 2 hours for GrabFood order to arrive only for it to get cancelled

Submitted by Stomper Alvin

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Imagine waiting two hours for your food to arrive only for your order to get cancelled.

Stomper Alvin was practically 'starving' when he found out his GrabFood order had been cancelled because "a rider could not be found".

He had placed his order via the GrabFood app on Sept 10 at about 4.46pm.

"There I was starving and really annoyed and unable to reorder because it was now dinnertime and Grab had shrunk my delivery radius a comical extent," Alvin said.

"So I sent in two irate messages right away which Grab ignored for more than 24 hours.

"After a bit of back and forth, they concluded that: 'As part of our initiative to render quality services to users like yourself, you are required to report the issue within 12 hours from the delivery time to enable us to conduct all relevant investigations.'

Alvin was dumbfounded as he had reported the issue within three hours of placing his order.

He also felt the 12-hour window was pretty unforgiving for customers who may be busy and unable to write in immediately.

He said: "Grab will just petulantly tell you you're slow and they won't be willing to make things right? Amazing.

"I responded with exasperation to that and they finally decided to call me... to harangue me about reporting the issue late.

"Incredulous and not best pleased, I made clear that they had their timelines all wrong.

"It turned out the sorry excuse for an app had tagged my report to an order from the previous day.

"'Ah ha!' the customer service person said with smugness palpable even across the phone line.

"'You made a report about the wrong order!'

"Incensed, I told him in no uncertain terms that if their stupid app defaults complaints to the wrong order, that's a problem on their end whereupon he triumphantly reiterated that the mistake was mine.

"My last words to him were: 'You guys really screwed up.'

"It seems strange to me that customer service is more interested in asserting that they're right than actually trying to help the customer but hey, I'm not the one running a bleeding business so what do I know?"