Man makes himself too comfortable in Golden Village cinema at Suntec City

Submitted by Stomper Tommy

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Dim lighting, air-conditioning and cosy seats in a cinema might leave you feeling like you are right at home.

A man, however, was seen making himself too comfortable in a Golden Village (GV) cinema hall at Suntec City on Sunday afternoon (Aug 14).

Stomper Tommy spotted the man with one leg propped up on a cinema seat in Hall 6 at around 3.30pm and said the sight left him with a "bad feeling".

Sharing photos of the incident, Tommy added: "We only noticed it when the movie credits rolled. No one else reacted but I find this ridiculous."

This is not the first time moviegoers have been spotted behaving inappropriately at GV

Earlier in May, a woman was called out for leaving a mess at GV Tampines in a Facebook post that has been shared over 1,000 times.

In July 2020, a Stomper saw a fellow patron propping his bare feet up on a seat at GV Bishan and reported the matter to staff.

A GV spokesman had told Stomp in response to the 2020 incident: "Since 2015, Golden Village has run several cinema etiquette campaigns through pre-show screen advertisements reminding our patrons to be considerate to other movie-goers in movie theatres.

"We currently showcase a number of recent cinema etiquette videos on GV screens by the Singapore Kindness Movement.

"Patrons who encounter any inappropriate behaviour in GV cinemas are advised to alert or seek the assistance of staff or manager on duty."

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