Mother hen crosses road with baby chicks in Pasir Ris, one dies in hit-and-run involving taxi

Submitted by Stomper Stevie

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Was it fowl play?

A baby chick was killed as it was crossing the road with its siblings and the mother hen near Block 615 Elias Road in Pasir Ris​​​​.

Stomper Stevie shared a dash cam video of the fatal hit-and-run which took place on March 31 at 1pm.

"The impatient cabby ran over the baby chicks, flattening one of them," said the Stomper.

In the video, a lorry can be first seen slowing down presumably to avoid hitting the brood near the speed hump. But an oncoming red Trans-Cab did not slow down.

As the taxi approached the mother hen and seven baby chicks, the hen flitted over the white line just in time before the vehicle went by, blocking the view of the chickens in the video.

After the taxi drove off, only six baby chicks were left. One appeared to be squashed on the road.

The surviving poultry did not seem to notice as they continued on their way.

Could the taxi driver have stopped to let the chickens cross the road first? Or is it possible the cabby did not see them?