Monkeys open windows and enter our home, says Punggol East resident: 'We just feel unsafe'

Submitted by Stomper Farhan

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They are unwelcomed guests.

A family in Punggol East feels unsafe as monkeys can open windows and enter their second-storey flat.

Stomper Farhan said the first one came in September last year.

He shared a video taken on Feb 3 showing a long-tailed macaque perched on the laundry rack outside peeking through the kitchen window.

"I got a guest monkey outside my window," said the Stomper

In the video, he can be heard trying to make nice with the monkey by saying: "Hello, friend. Eh, say hi."

But the animal scampered away while in the background, four other monkeys can be seen in the area.

The Stomper said monkeys have entered his flat when no one was home.

"They took our food and pooped in the house," he said.

"We closed the windows but forgot to lock them. They can open the windows. Now we have started to lock the windows and the monkey would try to open them.

"We just feel unsafe all the time. We're worried the monkeys may hurt us."

The Stomper said he has contacted the authorities and so has a neighbour.

"But still the monkeys attack," he said.

"There are too many monkeys here."

Stomp has contacted the National Parks Board (NParks) for more info.

Here is how to keep long-tailed macaques out of your home, according to the NPark's website: