Troop of monkeys invade HDB block, some seen climbing out of fifth-storey unit

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A video of several monkeys climbing up and down an HDB block has been circulating online.

In the video, the monkeys impressive climbing skills are on display as five of them clamber out of a fifth-storey unit and start shimmying down the block to join the rest of their troop.

One monkey is also seen on top of a lamp post at one point.

According to netizens, the incident happened at Block 118 Clementi Street 13.

A Stomper also shared with Stomp a video of monkeys hanging around Dairy Farm Crescent in a separate incident.

According to him, they are "always" there and have even climbed into his daughter's home.

Here is how to keep long-tailed macaques out of your home, according to the National Parks Board website:

More info can be found here.