Monkey sneaks into kitchen and steals eggs at Upper Thomson residence

Submitted by Stomper Irene

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A woman was stunned when she found a monkey in her kitchen licking broken eggs from its paws last Wednesday afternoon (Mar 24).

Stomper Irene shared with Stomp that she was at her home at Seraya Crescent in Upper Thomson when she heard something coming from the kitchen.

"I thought my brother was in the kitchen at first," she said.

"Then I heard an egg-cracking sound but only saw the monkey when I walked closer."

In the footage she shared with Stomp, the monkey runs off after she shouts at it, leaving behind broken eggshells and yolk running off the side of the kitchen counter.

She also shared clips of a group of monkeys in her neighbourhood.

"They always come about twice a week to disturb the neighbours," she said.

"They seem to know their days, usually coming between Wednesday to Sunday in the late afternoon, between 4 to 5pm."

Here's how to keep long-tailed macaques out of your home, according to the National Parks Board website.

More info can be found here.

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