Missed out on your dream HDB unit? Get a 'stunning' 4-room Bedok Reservoir Rd flat for just... $1 million

Submitted by Stomper Lido

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Anyone who stays in Singapore can testify to the hefty prices of flats here. 

One seller may have just taken it to a new level, listing a 4-room flat in Bedok Reservoir Road at a  whopping $1,000,000 on market platform, Carousell. 

Yes, a cool million. 

Stomper Lido came across the posting and alerted Stomp to it. 

According to the listing, the flat which was built in 1984, has a 99-year tenure and stands 1119 square feet or 103 square metres. 

The flat has also been ’tastefully renovated’, with minimal built-in items, a water heater system and fibre termination points. 

If you’re worried about security, fret not.

The lister also provided an extended list of measures which will put you at ease, including private CCTV presence, Police CCTV presence, and even guard dogs on duty.

For those obsessed with their letters, the unit even comes with not one, but two letterboxes - one private letterbox and a general one. 

However, the lister also stated that prices are negotiable. 

If this sounds like your dream flat, do contact the buyer for a tour, as no photos were provided at the time of the article, as in the lister’s words, “there is simply no way these photographs would ever do justice to who stunning the apartment is”. 

Said Lido:

"Just sharing.

"Very optimistic owner or agent.

"Transaction prices are only $450k+ only."