Missed out on tickets to Bruno Mars' concert in Singapore? You can get them online...for $999

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When tickets to Bruno Mars' 24K Magic World Tour happening on May 6, 2018, went on sale on Oct 18, they were snapped up within 45 minutes.

The overwhelming response spurred organiser Live Nation Lushington to open up tickets for a second night on May 7, but as expected, all 22,000 tickets for both nights have been sold.

Now it is time for scalpers to try and mark up the tickets for sale on online platforms like Carousell.

Stomper Zcl alerted Stomp to a listing by shaghugoboss selling a pair of CAT 4 tickets for a whopping $999.

According to Singapore Sports Hub, the original tickets are just $168 each. This means that the tickets are being sold on Carousell for almost three times as much as the original price.

As the big event draws nearer, we are expecting more of such scalpers hoping to profit from Bruno Mars fans.

Would you pay this much to see Bruno Mars?