Men throw soup, threaten to hit employees with stool in Malaysia restaurant -- as they didn't like the food

A video of two men in a dispute with a restaurant employee has been circulating on Facebook recently.

In the video shared on haohaonews Facebook page, a bald man in black can be seen arguing with stall employees, while his companion in white sat at a table. 

According to the caption provided, the altercation had started as the two men were dissatisfied with the food served.

Amidst the argument, the bald man returned to his table and grabbed a bowl of soup, while his companion stood up, raising a stool in his left hand threateningly, seemingly ready to swing it at one of the employees. 

The bald man then proceeded to throw the bowl of soup at the employees offscreen before leaving the restaurant, while his companion dropped the stool and kicked it back into place, beneath the table.

The bald man’s companion subsequently took out some notes from his pockets, tossing some money at the cashier and exiting the shop.

It is unclear when the incident took place, but accompanying hashtags suggest that the incident took place in a restaurant within the Cheras district in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

The post also denounced the belligerent behaviour of the two men, even asking netizens to identify and search for the two men:

“Please help search for these two villains.

“Just because they didn’t like the food, they threw soup and hurled insults at stall employees.

“One of them even attempted to attack the employees with a stool!

“Who’s right?

“Take a look at the footage provided by a witness.”