Arrested: Youths start punching each other outside Orchard Towers -- while getting questioned by police officers

Four youths started fighting outside Orchard Tower in the presence of five police officers, and were arrested.

The incident happened last Thursday (Jun 15) at around 9pm, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao

In a footage provided by a witness, the four suspects were seen being questioned by police officers at the scene, when two of the suspects started arguing and taunting each other.

Before long, all four suspects started throwing punches at each other, with two suspects collapsing on the floor, and one suspect’s shirt getting torn apart.

The police officers rushed forward to stop the fight and pull the men apart, but one of the suspects, a blonde-haired individual started shouting, seemingly oblivious to the officers.

With the combined efforts of three officers, the blonde-haired suspect was pinned down. 

The witness also revealed that the four had been drinking in a bar at Orchard Towers from the previously night until Thursday morning.

It is believed that they later got into an argument over a personal issue and took to the streets to voice their disagreements. 

A shopkeeper told reporters that one of the suspects was a security personnel from one of the clubs nearby while the other three were friends. 

The police when inquired, said that four men were arrested.

Of the four, two suspects, one 23, and the other 24, were detained for causing a scene in a public area while a 25-year-old suspect was arrested under the charge of public nuisance.

The last suspect, a 24-year-old man was arrested for the obstruction of social order.

Two of the suspects also suffered injuries on their faces. 

Police investigations are ongoing.