Angry groom drags bride out of car after receiving video of her cheating just before marriage

A bride in China had a wedding she will remember -- for the wrong reasons.

According to World Of Buzz, the woman first arrived to meet her groom in a car.

Instead of receiving her as a husband should however, the latter dragged her rather violently out of the vehicle.

As it turned out, the woman cheated on her husband by somehow deciding to spend her last night as a bachelorette in the arms of her ex-boyfriend.

It is unclear what she exactly did, but she is understood to have a rather passionate night with her former lover.

That act came back to haunt her the very next day. 

The bride's ex sent the groom a video clip of his night with the newly-wed, and the rest as they say, is history.

We don't know if the wedding still went ahead, but even it did, it would probably have been an extremely unhappy one.