McDonald's customer finds rotten lettuce in burger, kitchen crew member who prepared it gets warning

Submitted by Stomper Wendy

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Is it supposed to look like that?

A McDonald's customer was dismayed to find rotten lettuce in her McChicken burger she bought from the outlet at the Sengkang Sports Complex on Oct 24.

Stomper Wendy shared photos of the food as well as the receipt.

"As you can see, the veggies had turned black, yet it was found inside the McChicken meal and they still sold it to us," said the Stomper, who sent feedback to McDonald's.

A few days later, someone at McDonald's replied to her: "We had a sit-down with the kitchen crew who was assigned to prepare the burger. He was very sorry that he missed checking the lettuce and apologised.

"We issued him a written warning due to the food safety lapse. He promised to check consistently and will inform us if there are any quality issues with all the veggies.

"We also issued a warning to the shift manager working on that day.

"Again, we’re sorry, madam, for any inconvenience caused."