McDonald's investigating after Stomper finds plastic in burger: 'I might have hurt or cut my throat'

Submitted by Stomper Ethan

Most of us are all for free extras in our meals but not when they are inedible.

A Stomper was dismayed to find a piece of plastic in his Buttermilk Crispy Chicken burger he had ordered from McDonald's on Aug 2.

Stomper Ethan told Stomp he had ordered his meal via the Grab app and it was delivered from a McDonald's at Geylang East Central.

He added that the pineapple was also 'rotten'.

"I felt disgusted and threw the burger away," he said.

"Grab called me to say they will get back to me but I have had no response yet.

"McDonald's requested for me to contact Grab.

"I really hope McDonald's will take full responsibility for this issue because luckily, I never consumed the plastic.

"I might have hurt or cut my throat or intestine or organs.

"I hope that nobody will get injured or sick in the future."

In response to a Stomp query, a McDonald's spokesman said: "We're sorry to hear about our customer's experience and have reached out directly to make good on the matter.

"Food safety is a top priority for us and we're investigating the incident to ensure that our high food safety standards continue to be upheld."