McDonald's responds after customer says his nasi lemak burger came with no onions and 'no meat'

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A man was disappointed when he ordered a nasi lemak burger from McDonald's for dinner on Sept 23.

Stomper X shared that his takeaway order included a Nasi Lemak Feast which he paid $11.50 for.

However, when he was about to dig in, he found that his burger came with no onions and showed that the patty was mainly breading and had 'no meat'.

According to McDonald's website, every nasi lemak burger comes with a 'sedap' sambal sauce, a crispy chicken patty and topped with onions, cucumber and fried egg.

In response to a Stomp query, a McDonald's spokesperson said: "Food quality is a top priority for us.

"We’re sorry to hear about our customer’s experience and have reached out directly to make good on the matter."