Man's $4.50 fried rice from Tiong Bahru stall comes with 'hazardous ingredient'

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A man was halfway through his lunch when he chewed on a foreign object that could have been a serious health hazard.

Stomper Anonymous said he bought a plate of fried rice from the Muhammad Shazain Faiha Muslim Food Paradise stall at Tiong Bahru Food Centre on Friday (Apr 28), at around 1pm.

He was appalled when he bit on a metal wire during the $4.50 meal.

Anonymous recounted: "This piece of metal wire was found in the fried rice. I actually chewed my food and spat it out after realising what it was.

"This could have posed a serious health hazard for consumers who are not careful when eating their food and accidentally swallow it, especially the elderly and young children."

The Stomper said he did not get a chance to inform the stall as he had to rush off, but wants this incident to serve as a reminder, adding: "I hope food handlers and cooks are careful when preparing meals."