Man turns aggressive and hurls vulgarities at stallholders at Tanglin Halt Market

Submitted by Stomper B1188 

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Stomper B1188 was at Tanglin Halt Market on Oct 3 when he saw a man shouting and hurling vulgarities at stallholders.

He wrote:

"The man can be seen screaming and shouting vulgarities and obscenities at them. He was so intimidating and threatening through his actions of clenching his fist and with tightened muscles shafting his fingers towards them."

It is unclear why the man was aggressive towards the stallholders but according to the Stomper in a telephone interview, the man and his group of friends can be found drinking in the market almost every day.

He said that the stall is run by an elderly woman in her seventies. She is assisted by her daughter who is in her fifties. He described the stallholders as an 'amicable pair of mother and daughter, serving good coffee and kaya toast'. 

He added, "The elderly lady was in a state of shock and the daughter was totally distraught and frightened. He relentlessly challenged them to call the police" 

The Stomper mentioned to Stomp that the man was later dragged away by his friends and went back to drinking.

Watch the video below.