Men argue and hurl vulgarities in the middle of road at Hougang

Submitted by Stomper Richelle

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Stomper Richelle came across a group of men arguing and hurling vulgarities at each other at the junction of Hougang Street 51 on 26 Sep at 5.30pm.

From the video, a cabby and a car driver were engaged in a heated argument as they gestured and shouted loudly in Hokkien.

Most of their expletive-laden quarrel appeared to be unintelligible from the video, but the taxi driver can also be heard shouting, "You don't bully me!" and "Haolian ah, come ah!"

Richelle told Stomp, "The passenger of the car was trying to diffuse the situation as the cabby and car driver were arguing."

"I'm not sure why it started, but maybe it was because someone blocked someone else." added the Stomper.