Ungrateful man threatens Malaysian cop after being asked to collect lost iPhone, gets a free lesson

Netizens have been singing the praises of Malaysian police officer Ms Irene Y LM after she shared on Facebook how she had told off a man who accused her of taking his iPhone. 

Irene who first became an internet sensation due to her beauty and positive outlook was waiting for the owner to call after finding the phone, reports the New Straits Times

When he finally did, she explained to him that she was unable to meet him as she was busy, and asked him to make a trip down to collect the phone personally.

However, instead of being grateful, the man accused her of stealing his phone.

He further demanded that she sent the iPhone to him and threatened to lodge a police report if she did not comply. 

He also boasted that he was tracking the phone using the 'Find My iPhone' app.

The app allows remote location-tracking of IOS devices and Mac computers. 

Imagine his shock when the officer replied calmly: "Okay, I will continue with my work then. Goodbye."

She added: "You can slowly find your phone in the garbage bin, I didn’t turn off the phone and the phone has 83 per cent battery left. Good luck!"

Many netizens have responded positively to her post, with many urging her not to give in to the senseless threat by the man. 

They also praised her for the tasteful manner she had responded to the unreasonable man.

Her post has since been shared 2,760 times, with 43,000 likes. 

A Facebook user even suggested that Irene place the phone in a police car and let the owner try to find it.

Others cheekily said that they would not mind dropping their phones if they knew Irene would be the one to find it.