Yet another 'chio' Malaysian policewoman found 'guilty' of stealing netizens' hearts

Yet another gorgeous Police officer across the causeway has captured the attention of netizens, just days after photos of her colleague, Irene, earned the adoration of the Internet.

According to The Coverage, the latest uniformed sensation goes by the name of Oli Lee. 

Not much is known about where she works, but some netizens have speculated that she is stationed in Kuala Lumpur based on one of her photos.

The good-looking Oli keeps a Facebook page where she posts photos of herself. She currently has close to 5,000 friends.

Some netizens mesmerised by her good looks have left cheeky comments.

Said one fan:

“Please arrest me. Make me do whatever you want!”

Quipped another:

“I want to chase the police! Especially you!"