"I surrender!": Cute Malaysian policewoman gets netizens wishing they could turn themselves in

A Malaysian policewoman, Irene recently became the subject of the internet’s adoration after being uncovered by netizens.

Noted not only for her cute appearance but her fierce pride as a police officer, Irene spoke about the stigma that Malaysian police officers face on her Facebook page:

“I believed I have the responsibility to uphold the reputation of Royal Malaysia Police. 

“Despite trying our best to protect the civilians, we’ve always been labelled as corrupted and incompetent.

“We work tirelessly day and night, we risk our lives in the line of duty, and sometimes we don’t have time for our family. 

“At the end of the day, our hardwork and sacrifices are not acknowledged by the public. 

“We receive no praise from the society but a ‘good job’ from our superior. 

“Just because a few policemen lost their integrity, doesn’t mean everyone in the force is ‘dirty’.

“We won’t force you to like the police, but please at least give us some respect.

 “Police officers are humans too, not tools.”

Her honest comments come as a breath of fresh air to the traditional polished speeches adopted by public personalities, and has won over many netizens, reports World of Buzz

Said a netizen:

“Please arrest me, I’m a wanted criminal too!”

Well whether he was joking or not, we have to agree that Irene is certainly a gem of an officer.