Man takes woman's belongings from her basket at Value Shop, puts them in his own trolley

Submitted by Stomper Candice

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Finders keepers? A man was caught on camera taking groceries that did not belong to him and making them his own.

Stomper Candice shared CCTV footage of the incident that occurred at Jurong Point shopping mall on Friday afternoon (Aug 12), at 3.05pm.

She said her domestic helper had purchased some medicine and four bottles of shower gel from Watsons, before proceeding to Value Shop to get some snacks to send back to her hometown.

Candice added: "She placed her Watsons bag inside a Value Shop shopping basket. As the items were heavy, she left the basket on the floor near her.

"She then went to the front section to get some chocolate. When she came back to her basket, she found that the Watsons bag was gone."

Candice said they realised what had happened after requesting to see CCTV footage from the store, which shows a man picking up the Watson bag from the basket and placing it in his own shopping trolley.

The man is then seen walking off.

Candice did not make a police report, but told Stomp: "I know it's wrong to leave our items lying aside but I have noticed that there are many cases like this nowadays. I hope everyone will take care of their belongings in case the same thing happens to them.

"Anyone who recognises this uncle in a red t-shirt with a cap and pushing a trolley, please stop him from doing this.

"The items that my helper bought may not be valuable, but they were still bought using her hard-earned money and for her to send back to her hometown."

A similar incident was reported on Stomp last month, in which a woman was seen leaving Japan Home at Compass One with a bag of items that belonged to another shopper. The bag contained boxes of facial tissues worth around $12.

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