Man caught on CCTV allegedly stealing Pokémon cards from Thomson Plaza toy shop – twice

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He must really love Pokémon.

A man was caught on CCTV allegedly stealing from a Thomson Plaza toy shop and returning minutes later to do it again.

What did he allegedly steal? A box of Pokémon trading cards each time

Each box is worth $200, said the toy shop.

Toy Station posted on Facebook about the incident along with two videos of the alleged shoplifter.

The incident occurred on Tuesday (May 10) between 10.52am and 10.56am.

The Facebook post said: "A man is seen first trying to evade the eye of a storekeeper that is cleaning, quickly nicks a box of Pokémon trading cards worth $200 and leaves.

"He then returns minutes later and steals another box of same value and runs off."

But the toy shop is willing not to call the police if the stolen items are returned immediately.

Toy Station said: "We are kindly requesting that the man own up and return the goods immediately, and no action will be taken. Otherwise, a police report will be lodged and all evidence (clear images and videos) will be handed over."

The shop added: "Shoplifting is not the way. It is unfair to both store owners and our customers who fork out their hard-earned money to properly purchase items.

"As a toy store, we are familiar with the occasional issue of kids not knowing any better, however this is an ADULT and we question the sort of upbringing and example he is setting."

And who says Pokémon is just for kids?