Thief empties cash from Jalan Besar pao fan stall into his bag

A food stall owner learned an expensive lesson after a man was caught on video getting away with an entire day's worth of earnings.

TikTok user @jtsweee, who is the co-owner of San Pin Pao Fan posted the footage on June 4.

The incident happened on May 16 at their stall located at Foch Road in Jalan Besar.

In the video, the perpetrator is seen wearing a helmet and moving items out of the way before filling his bag with money from the cash register.

@jtsweee Heartbreaks everytime I see him taking all the hard earned money… #sgcrimes #sgtiktok #fypシ #fyp ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

"12 hours of hard work gone in less than five minutes," the TikTok user wrote in a caption.

While many netizens sympathised with the stall owner's plight, many admonished him for not clearing the cash register before closing for the day.

He responded: "Expensive lesson learned."

He added that he wanted to spread awareness of the incident and for other stall owners to learn from his mistakes.

Stomp understands a police report has been lodged.