Man spots 'black, rotten orange' in Q Orange juice dispenser at Chinatown Point

Submitted by Stomper Syn

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The convenience of getting a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice at an affordable price is probably what makes the Q Orange juice dispensers so popular.

But what customers love most is seeing the oranges squeezed right in front of them, assuring them that the oranges are indeed fresh.

Stomper Syn said that he too, loves getting orange juice from these dispensers and was about to insert money for a drink when he saw what appeared to be a rotten orange.

"I was at Chinatown Point on Jan 9 and was about to get my usual orange juice. That was when I saw the black, rotten orange inside the dispenser," Syn said.

"I am a regular customer of Q Orange dispensers as I drink orange juice all the time and I've never seen a mouldy orange inside their dispensers before.

"I used to drink a few cups every week but now, I don't know if I can still drink their orange juice, even though it's convenient and cheap.

"Who knows how many other mouldy oranges are hidden inside the machine? Really not sure if I will buy from them again."

Stomp has contacted Q Orange for more information.