Woman horrified to find plastic bag in her nasi padang: 'I chewed it thinking it was curry veg'

Submitted by Stomper Hazel

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Stomper Hazel was enjoying her nasi padang that she bought back home from Haig Road Food Centre until she felt something weird in her mouth.

She immediately spat it out and was taken aback to see that she had actually been chewing on a small plastic bag, thinking it was curry vegetables.

Hazel told Stomp that she regularly visited the stall and on Monday (Jan 4), it was no different when she headed there to make a takeaway order for lunch.

"I bought the food at about 12.30pm that day and ate it an hour later after I reached home," Hazel said.

"I bought beef and curry vegetables for $5, and when I started eating, I felt something funny in my mouth.

"I actually chewed on the plastic bag for quite a while because I thought it was the curry vegetables I ordered. I'm still a bit traumatised."

Hazel shared that she is uncertain of the stall's exact name and only recognises it as "the nasi padang stall with a long queue".

Hazel added that she did not inform the stallholders about what happened as she has yet to return to the market.

"Even if I go back, I'm not sure if I should tell them. Will they get angry and scold me?" Hazel said.

"I've been eating at this store for about three years and something like this has never happened to me before."